On Nov. 27, Hyattsville police removed a gun from a sleeping 15-year-old boy, and arrested him.


According to a press release, the police were called to the Madison Street home by the child’s parents, who found him sleeping with the gun. Police were able to remove the gun without waking the boy. They then woke him up and arrested him without resistance.


The gun, which the police described as “a short-barreled, AR-15-style rifle with a 30-round magazine,” was loaded with two bullets.


“This is a story about the parent doing the right thing to keep everyone safe,” said Hyattsville Police Chief Jarod J. Towers, who noted that this was not the first time his department had had contact with the teen.


Because the boy is being tried as a juvenile, limited information has been released about the incident. The press release did state that the child is being charged with possessing a firearm under the age of 21, as well as with altering the gun’s serial number.