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Streetcar Suburbs Publishing Inc. provides hyper-local news and information for communities along the Route 1 corridor near Washington, DC.  Our award-winning monthly newspapers, the Hyattsville Life & Times and the College Park Here & Now, have recently been joined by The Laurel Independent to provide saturation coverage of three of Maryland’s most diverse and dynamic suburbs.  This website, StreetcarSuburbs.News, provides continuous and timely coverage of these same communities.

Streetcar Suburbs Publishing Inc. is a 501c(3) nonprofit corporation. Our newspapers are also members of the National Newspaper Association.

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Mailing Address:
Streetcar Suburbs Publishing
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Our Policies

We adhere to standards of editorial independence, equity and inclusion, donor and financial transparency, privacy and security, advertising acceptability, and conflict of interest.

Our Personnel

We operate our newspapers thanks to our core staff members, our board members, and our volunteers.

Hyattsville Life & Times

Managing Editor

Griffin Limerick
Griffin Limerick

Griffin joined the Hyattsville Life & Times as managing editor in February of 2023. He has taught writing for more than ten years and enjoys the collaborative nature of newspaper work. He currently lives in Hyattsville, but has roots in Alabama.


Associate Editor

Heather Wright

Heather Wright has been with the Hyattsville Life & Times since 2016 and loves learning and writing about the city. She previously honed her interviewing and writing skills as a school psychologist, most recently with Anne Arundel County public schools. Heather lives in Takoma Park with her husband, two children, yellow Lab and sun conure.


Dan Behrend
Chris McManes
Paul Ruffins
Joanna Turner
Allan Walters
Mark Betancourt
Juliette Fradin
Heather Marléne Zadig

Victoria Boucher
Stuart Eisenberg
Juliette Fradin
Julia Gaspar-Bates
Lauren Kelly
Fred Seitz
Imke Ahlf-Wien
Jessica Arends

College Park Here & Now

Associate Editor

Nancy Welch has been writing about environmental issues and policy for more than 20 years. She joined Streetcar Suburbs Publishing as an editor in 2016 and helped launch both the College Park Here & Now and The Laurel Independent. She lives in Takoma Park, where she raises and trains service dogs.


Julia Kyles
D.W. Rowland
Chris McManes

Rick Borchelt
Maxine Gross
Matt Menke
Paul Ruffins

Alexandra Alpert

The Laurel Independent

Managing Editor

Katie Jones

Katie V. Jones joined the team in 2022 as the managing editor of The Laurel Independent. She has been writing/editing for various publications for more than 20 years. She is a graduate of The College of Wooster.


Associate Editor

Nancy Welch

Nancy Welch teamed up to launch The Laurel Independent and advocates for community journalism every chance she gets. When she’s not nose-deep in words, you’ll find her out back raising and training Lab puppies to be service dogs.


Melanie Dzwonchyk
Angie Latham Kozlowski
Joe Murchison
Jessie Newburn

Bob Reilly
Jimmy Rogers

Our Staff

Page Designer
Ashley Perks

Digital Editor
Jessica Burshtynskyy

Business Manager
Catie Currie

Advertising Sales Manager
Miranda Goodson – Hyattsville Life & Times, College Park Here & Now

Amanda Berard – The Laurel Independent

Executive Director

Kit Slack

Kit Slack headshot

Kit has been writing for the Hyattsville Life & Times since 2013, mostly on education and environment beats. She worked as managing editor in Hyattsville for two years, starting the summer of 2020.

In prior careers, Kit has worked as an analyst for a sustainable investments nonprofit, an employee benefits attorney on merger and acquisition deals, and a union organizer for low-wage workers in the building service and industrial laundry industries.

She is a graduate of the Law School at the University of Chicago, and has a degree in English from Barnard College.

Board of Directors

Stephanie Stullich- President
Michael Walls – Vice President & General Counsel
Joe Murchison – Treasurer
Melanie Dzwonchyk – Secretary
Bette Dickerson
Nora Eidelman
Joseph Gigliotti
Maxine Gross
Merrill Hartson
Marta McLellan Ross
Carter Ross

Katie V. Jones – Ex Officio
Griffin Limerick – Ex Officio