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Laurel Mainstreet Festival Delights

On May 11, 2024, Laurel gathered to celebrate local businesses with a day full of fun. There was a parade as well as vendors and...

May 16, 2024: How is it already Memorial Day? — Edition

Salutations, Streetcar Suburbs! Welcome to the Streetcar Spotlight — “How is it already Memorial Day?” Edition.  If spring has clipped by at a dizzying pace for you, you’re not...

Local Results from the May 14, 2024 Elections

On May 14, 2024 people across Maryland flocked to the polls to vote in the state’s primary elections. U.S. Senate candidate Angela Alsobrooks won the...

Featured Columns

Native Gardening with Jimmy: Unfurling the mysteries of ferns

By JIMMY ROGERS Ferns awaken an ancient part of my brain. Observing low, herbaceous plants on any forest floor, I will often marvel at the...

From Where I Stand: Freeing tweens and teens from the hold of screens

By HEATHER WRIGHT “When can I get a smartphone?” your child asks. “Everyone else has one.” A modern question, followed by a time-honored rationale.  You’re...

Miss Floribunda: Gardening hacks

Dear Miss Floribunda, Is it too early to neaten up my garden? In past columns you’ve advised not hacking down goldenrod, sunflowers, ironweed and other...

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