BY REBECCA BENNETT — The last voter on Sept. 12 for the Ward 5 Special Election came in at approximately 7:45 p.m.  Just minutes after the polls closed at 8 p.m., the City of Hyattsville Board of Election Supervisors had counted all of the votes from that day and transported the unofficial results to the Hyattsville Municipal Building so they could be announced.

Ruth Ann Frazier, who previously served on the Hyattsville City Council for four terms, came out ahead with 62 votes.  Rommel Sandino received 48 votes.  Fred Rogers received 23 votes, Roman Santillan received 5 votes, Eric Tagne received 4 votes, Patricia Stamper received 2 votes and Antoinette Mbarga received 1 vote.  Fourteen absentee and three provisional ballots will be counted on Monday.

“I am just elated.  I really, truly am,” 76-year-old Frazier said, who was surrounded by several family members when the tally was read.

“I didn’t think we did it,” Leigh Barlow, Frazier’s campaign manager and daughter, said. “I am just shocked.”

Frazier credited Barlow with doing a lot of work during this election.  Barlow said she coordinated four other campaigns for Frazier, worked with flyers, and organized volunteers going door to door.

To the candidates who don’t win this election, Councilmember Paula Perry (Ward 4) said they should get involved in the city’s advisory committees and get their name out there.

“You are a good person and have good qualities to add to the city,” Perry said to Sandino after the unofficial results were read.  “Don’t give up.”

The total number of voters who came to the polls on Saturday was 146, not including absentee and provisional ballots. According to Councilmember Joseph Solomon (Ward 5), voter turnout is up in that ward.  Board Chair Greta Mosher said voter turnout in Ward 5 was the highest in 10 years.

The 14 absentee and three provisional ballots for this election will be counted on Monday and official results will be posted to the city’s website.

The winner of this election will be sworn in on Sept. 21.