By KRISSI HUMBARD — The City of Hyattsville will implement traffic pattern changes near Edward M. Felegy Elementary School (6110 Editors Park Drive) starting at noon on Monday, Jan. 29. Felegy Elementary lets out at 1:55 p.m.

The yellow curb in front of the school will remain a “No Parking” zone. However, city officials say, it will be designated as a drop-off and pick-up lane. Parents will be allowed to stop along the curb to drop off or pick up students, but they must remain with their car at all times.

A notice from the city to parents also states that parents should not stop in the travel lane to let a student out of the vehicle. This has been a frequent problem at the school, causing traffic backups and dangerous crossing conditions for students and parents.

Traffic will no longer be able to turn onto Maryhurst Drive from Nicholson Street. Maryhurst Drive will now be one-way between Madison Place and Nicholson Street, with a right turn only at Nicholson Street. There would be two-way traffic between 31st Avenue and Madison Place on Maryhurst Drive. There would also be a new traffic pattern on Madison Place, reversing the one-way direction so traffic will enter from 31st Place and exit at Maryhurst Drive.