By Meghan Curtis

Today’s Hair, located at 4437 Lehigh Road, has been closed since a fire, on Feb. 3, that caused significant damage to the shop. According to the University of Maryland’s newspaper, The Diamondback, the fire sparked in an HVAC unit and spread to the salon’s roof. Damages came to about $60,000. 

052521 Today s Hair EH03
Pola and Sokha Kry inspect fire damage at Today’s Hair.
Credit: Eric Harkleroad

The owners, Pola and Sokha Kry, have struggled to make rent payments while also paying renovation costs not covered by insurance.  

Longtime client Mary Warneka launched a GoFundMe page on Feb. 5 to support the Krys. Fans of the shop have opened their hearts and wallets; 257 donors have pushed the fundraiser beyond its $27,000 goal. As of press time, it totaled $27,160. 

To find strength as they face these challenges, the Krys turned to their faith in God. “We keep our hearts and soul[s] in his hand,” they wrote in an email.

The shop’s fan club extends beyond the city; indeed, the greater College Park community has also helped the Krys by scheduling home haircuts. Two such patrons are Robert Baum and Matt Gembecki.  

Baum said that he has many cowlicks that make cutting his hair challenging. He became a dedicated customer because the Krys do such a good job with it. And Baum discovered that the couple is so much more than skilled with their scissors. “They are community binders who help us see the best in ourselves,” he wrote, adding, “Their love for each other infuses their business and personal relationships.” Gembecki, also a long-time customer, wrote that he was “so shocked and wanted to help” when he heard about the fire. Gembecki coordinated a neighborhood initiative that brought the Krys to porches and yards for haircuts outdoors.

Gembecki spoke enthusiastically about the Krys. He thinks of them as neighbors and wrote, “Yes, they’re professionals of course and good at what they do … It feels like they’re really a part of the community. … they can do everything – kids, men and women.”

052521 Today s Hair EH01
Pola and Sokha visit what remains of their shop, Today’s Hair, on May 25.
Credit: Eric Harkleroad

Today’s Hair has reopened at 4437 Lehigh Road in College Park.