The days are numbered for some sidewalk trip hazards.  The City of Hyattsville Department of Public Works is trying to make getting around Hyattsville on foot a little safer.

Trip hazard mitigation was a topic for discussion at the August 4 Hyattsville City Council meeting.

The Department of Public Works says it solicited requests for proposals and selected a company called Precision Concrete Cutting to repair sidewalks.  Instead of replacing a whole slab of concrete, the company targets broken areas by sawing the concrete until it’s fluid.  The company has an animated example on its website.

In a memo from department director Leslie Riddle, “This process makes sidewalks ADA compliant, and eliminates trip hazards and fall liability. Precision Concrete Cutting sidewalk repairs and concrete cutting service can save up to 70-90% compared to standard sidewalk replacement.”

Riddle said the Department of Public Works already used $10,000 from their operating budget last year to tackle a number of severe trip hazards.  An additional $60,000 is requested from the capital budget to repair additional trip hazards in the City limits.

The Hyattsville City Council agreed to put the matter on the consent agenda for the next meeting.

August 4 discussion on trip hazard mitigation