by Dawn Budd

The Yarrow Civic Association (YCA) serves the neighborhood bordered by College Park Estates on the north, Old Calvert Road on the south, Edmonston Road on the east and Indian Creek on the west. 

The YCA’s constitution includes this mission statement: “The Association is organized to promote community at the neighborhood level; sponsor community events; identify and discuss neighborhood issues, represent the neighborhood in the City of College Park business; advise the city on issues relevant to the neighborhood, connect residents with City resources, and encourage communication among members on matters of common concern.” YCA’s current board members are Wendy Kelley, president: Stephen B. Thomas, vice president; Melissa Niswonger, treasurer; Tom Taraba, secretary; and Richard Snyder, member-at-large. 

YCA had a relaunch picnic in September 2016, hosted by Shawn and Sharon Anderson. (I found videos from the event on Stephen Thomas’ YouTube channel. It looked like a lot of fun, and the frozen peanut butter pie makes me wish I were a member.) As Wendy Kelley stated, promoting socialization in the neighborhood and holding the annual neighborhood party are the association’s main goals. Based on the videos, I’d say that they’re doing a great job of it. And YCA’s proximity to College Park Estates and its civic association prompts cooperative community events for the larger community, like this Halloween’s no-touch trick-or-treat festivities.

Membership is free and open to any resident 18 or older. If you are a Yarrow resident and would like more information on the association, including notices about upcoming events, please email Wendy Kelley at