By Dawn Budd

The College Park Estates neighborhood is nestled between Lake Artemesia and Kenilworth Avenue. It shares a border with Yarrow, and the two neighborhoods often work together to host events, like this Halloween’s contact-free trick-or-treat.

The College Park Estates Civic Association (CPECA) is less formal than the city’s other neighborhood associations; CPECA doesn’t currently have by-laws, nor do they hold regular meetings. Ray Ranker, a chaplain at the University of Maryland and lead pastor at the university’s Lutheran Campus Ministry, is the de-facto head of the association. “Right now, we are not so much of a formal organization, so there are no dues and age limits, etc. We hold meetings with elected officials and also do things to support each other. But we haven’t been doing a lot lately,” he said.

Ranker highlighted an asset inventory that was organized by the CPECA, which allowed neighbors to share tools and skills. “I know several folks, for example, [who] borrowed power tools from someone who had what they needed,” Ranker said. 

Do you live in College Park Estates? Are you interested in joining the association? Email for more information.