BY CAROLINE SELLE — The City of Hyattsville’s recent release of 2014 speed camera data reveals a handful of repeat offenders, one of whom has racked up 10 speed citations. The data also shows that the speed camera on Adelphi Road is registering far more violations than either camera on East West Highway, suggesting that speeding is more of an issue on the smaller, less traveled road.

The city’s cameras are located at the 3700 block of East West Highway eastbound, the 3700 block of East West Highway westbound, and the 7000 block of Adelphi Road southbound. The East West Highway cameras went live on February 19, 2013, and the Adelphi Road camera began operation on December 3, 2013.

According to the reports, there were 15,906 violations in fiscal year 2014, or an average of approximately 43 per day. Over 10,000 were recorded by the Adelphi Road camera compared to under 2,000 each for the East West Highway cameras.

Including data from 2013, the year the cameras first went into operation, one license plate was recorded as having 10 citations. Three plates received nine citations. Out of the 15,906 violations in 2014 and the 5,089 in 2013, only 1,903 vehicles received two or more citations over both time periods.

A third speed camera started issuing citations on May 18 in the northbound lanes of the 7500 block of Adelphi Road.