BY REBECCA BENNETT — When Nancy Meyer looks out her Kennedy Street window and wonders where her massive, double trunk oak tree has gone, she will remember that it saved her neighbor’s house from a falling branch. Though it wasn’t directly knocked down because of the May 2 hail storm, it was damaged beyond salvation.

According to Meyer, a branch estimated to weigh several tons fell from up on that tree. It would have smashed into her neighbor’s house, if it had not been caught by another large limb on the same tree. “It would have completely sheared the house,” Meyer said.

Instead, the fallen limb was caught by another limb and balanced on the apex of the roof.  Meyer said there was no visible damage to the exterior of her neighbor’s house as result, but some structural damage is still possible.

“Very sad, but this gentle giant saved my neighbors house and possibly their lives, as their living room … was where the branch would have fallen,” Meyer said.

The stress of holding the fallen limb up caused the double trunk tree to crack in half at the base. The extent of the damage made Meyer decide to bid her tall majestic oak goodbye on Thursday. “I’m in shock and it feels like such an enormous loss,” she said.

Meyer said she hopes to turn part of the tree into a table and other items.