By Lenora S. Dernoga

Laurel for the Patuxent (L4P) is a group that promotes environmental work and sustainability through advocacy, education and community action. It sponsors a broad range of community projects including cleanups and city-wide tree planting projects, and installation of pollinator gardens on both public and private property. L4P also collaborates with the city government  and a coalition of partner organizations and specialists to amplify collective efforts.

Laurel 4 the Patuxent cleared the invasive plants near the Laurel Museum.
Courtesy of Laurel for the Patuxent

“Laurel for the Patuxent raises awareness among the citizens and within the city government of everyone’s effect on the river,” wrote Dave Everett, L4P board president, in an email.  “We improve the environment and esthetics along the river through invasive plant removal and tree planting. We demonstrate absorbent, native flower gardens around the city. We reduce trash reaching the river through clean-up events. And we support local events, handing out plants and providing information about what we all can do to improve the watershed.”

An eco-friendly lifestyle is also beneficial to the environment, according to L4P Brian Coyle, including a plant-based diet.

 “It’s one of the greatest ways to help the planet,” Coyle said.“Switching your diet is not difficult, especially when you think of the alternative. The planet is in peril and leading experts warn us that radical transformations are urgently needed to prevent catastrophe.” 

L4P is working with Howard Ecoworks to plant trees this fall  in an area the group cleared near the Laurel Museum, and all help is welcome.

 “We recruit volunteers for our work, showing how each citizen can make a difference,” Everett wrote. For more information, go to