Jamorra DuBose Morris says she’s always loved flavor. Her end goal is to open her own bakery storefront, selling her handcrafted miniature pies. For now, though, she’s starting smaller, with a pop-up pastry shop in the entryway of her apartment building.


On March 26, DuBose Morris set up a temporary restaurant in the lounge area of Post Park Apartments (3300 East-West Highway), with purple table decorations. The menu included a varying selection of sweet and savory miniature pies, brownies and blondies, and drinks ranging from frappes to juice. 

IMG 9825
A display of mini pies arranged at the pop-up restaurant Credit: Sophie Gorman Oriani

DuBose Morris says she has been cooking for a long time, and is self-taught with an assist from the internet. She started with cookies, but quickly expanded to sweet pies, followed by savory pies, and then sweet-and-savory fusion pies. Her favorite thing to bake is pie crust, to which she often adds extra ingredients for extra flavor.


“I’m into flavor,” DuBose Morris said. “I don’t want to just taste one thing. I want to taste a thousand things, and make you think, “Wow! That’s a good feeling!’”


DuBose Morris’s interests span a wide range. Nearly a dozen shirts she painted were arranged on a large table in the pop-up restaurant. She uses her artistic skills to enhance her baking, ensuring that her pies look good as well as taste good.


And DuBose Morris’s interest in another creative art was what brought her to Hyattsville — she plans to start attending a theater program at the University of Maryland in the fall.


While DuBose Morris plans to open a storefront someday, her immediate plan is to build a following online and via pop-up sales. She is working on building a website where customers can place orders. When asked about the possibility of custom orders, DuBose Morris gave a hearty yes. “I’m a custom person!” she laughed.


To order Jammies, email Jamorra DuBose Morris at