BY REBECCA BENNETT — “We have had a rather unusual series of vehicle crashes in the city and right around the city over the past several weeks.  Specifically, vehicles crashing into buildings,” City of Hyattsville Police Chief Holland said at the Sept. 21 Hyattsville City Council meeting.

Recent car crashes into buildings in/near Hyattsville:

Aug. 28 at McDonald’s

Sept. 12 at Liberty Tax

Sept. 16 at Target at the Mall at Prince Georges

Sept. 18 at T-Mobile on Hamilton Street

Sept. 19 at the Art Works/former Marché Florist greenhouse

According to Holland, there are no patterns to the causes of crashes, except that three of them happened on Baltimore Avenue, though otherwise unrelated.  The driver who hit the T-Mobile on Hamilton Street attempted to back out of the space, but put car into drive instead of reverse, he said.

“The City of Hyattsville will be contacting the (Maryland) State Highway Administration, as we have in the past, to discuss possible additional options for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic safety on Baltimore Avenue,” Holland said.

To stay safe, the chief said residents should obey all the speed limits and traffic signs, not to drive when you’re drowsy or tired, and and not to drive distracted.

“If you know of anybody that you think may be a danger to themselves or others because of diminishing faculties or skills as far as driving, please make sure you notify police … to have them evaluated,” Holland said.

Police urge residents to contact police if they see any erratic driving.