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PHOTOS: “Tilling Phase” closing party in new Art Works building

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Posted on: June 21, 2015

BY REBECCA BENNETT — On June 20, organizers of the group art show “Tilling Phase,” which was a part of the Gateway Arts Tour, hosted an exhibit closing party.  For Hyattsville, this closing party is symbolic, as it precedes the July 18 groundbreaking of Art Works’ new home.

More about “Tilling Phase” from the Washington City Paper:

Informal art rules here, and the space itself is so raw that it’s hard to tell where a discrete work ends and general disorder begins. “Fun in the Sun,” an installation by Aaron Hughes, is a piece of beach towel cut to fit a rectangular slot in the wall’s wood paneling. The piece reads like a painting; the jury’s out on whether an electrical outlet dangling from the paneling is an accidental component of the installation, or just that much more ambient fun.

From Easy City Art:

The sturdiness of the brick façade belies the raw, post-industrial nature of the interior spaces where wires hang from the ceiling, pipes jut from the floor and random walls are missing. Hughes Braden, a 2011 Corcoran graduate and teaching artist at Art Works Now, convinced the executive team that the venue in its current state was ripe with artistic potential. The artist was given carte blanche to create a group exhibition that responds to this chaos in a visceral way.




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