BY REBECCA BENNETT — You may think you know the story of the Three Little Pigs, but on Feb. 20, the Hyattsville Preservation Association made sure residents heard the story Hyattsville-style.
In the show put on by Blue Sky Puppet Theatre, the three little pigs built a classic bungalow, a Queen Anne Victorian house and a replica of the Hyattsville Armory castle.

“We talked about the community values of sharing, working together and cooperation that make Hyattsville such a great place to live,” Blue Sky Puppet Theatre Director Michale Cotter said.

According to Cotter, the performance also referenced Blue Sky Puppet Theatre’s long history in the area, back to the first performance on Gallatin Street at the then-Mr Je’s Café in 1974.  Blue Sky Puppet Theatre’s home base has been within a 5 minute radius of the Arts District for the past 42 years, Cotter said.