BY KRISSI HUMBARD — Elementary students rushed around the school halls on Thursday evening, pointing to pictures, paintings and collages, excited to see each piece. Parents followed behind, just as eager to see it all. Hyattsville Elementary School (HES) held its much-anticipated 3rd annual art show.

Sarah Yazvac, the art teacher at HES, said she was “extremely pleased” with how the show came together.

“The students have been working so hard; they deserve a night to celebrate their artist accomplishments,” she said.

Along with the art that lined the walls, the HES music teacher, Juleanne Conrad, performed with some of her fellow Prince George’s County Public Schools music teachers. A former HES student also jumped in and played the piano for the crowd. The school’s PTA provided cookies and juice for the night.


All students in kindergarten through fifth grade had at least one work on display somewhere in the school. New this year: two sculpture galleries with ceramic projects completed by fourth- and fifth-graders, including some Dr. Seuss-inspired sculptures. Among the artworks were a few opportunities for visitors to express themselves by responding to a prompt.

“The responses to “Write a Haiku About Art” were especially fun to read!” said Yazvac.

Perhaps one of the most popular pieces of the night was the collaborative installation made with feathers drawn by fifth-graders. Kids lined up to pose for pictures with the colorful wings.

“Putting together an art show for a school of nearly 600 is a lot of work, but seeing all of my students proudly showing their families and friends their art makes it all worth it,” Yazvac said. “I am planning for next year already.”