BY ARIELLE AMEGASHIE — Santa Claus paid a visit to local children on Saturday Dec.5. Families paid a visit to the City Municipal Building to take pictures and dine with Santa. The room was decorated with red table cloths and sitting next to the Christmas tree was an over-sized chair for the guest of honor, Santa Claus.

IMG_7118 Santa
Photo courtesy Nancy Gillette.

Events and Recreation Supervisor Cheri Everhart said her favorite part of the holiday season is to see residents coming out to holiday events like this one.  “It’s an opportunity to bring the kids out to meet Santa, do some crafts and meet each other,” said Everhart.

Hyattsville resident Tomasa Orellana brought her whole family to the event to take pictures and make some ornaments and decorations for the house.   “For my children it is nice for them to come and see Santa and they want to always know when they can do that,” said Orellana.