BY ARIELLE AMEGASHIE — On Dec. 5, the Brentwood Arts Exchange did their part to get residents into the holiday spirit by hosting a family-friendly workshop to make paper ornaments.

Photo courtesy Arielle Amegashie.
Photo courtesy Arielle Amegashie.

Participants could choose from a variety of designs, including snowmen, trees, snowflakes and stockings.  Each table was covered with an array of colorful paper, crayons, ribbons and instructions for how to make each ornament.

Workshop instructor Siham Yassine said she looks forward to teaching workshops like this one for the holidays.  “It really brings the community together and families together, and we’re all about community here,” said Yassine.

The event was so popular that there was not an empty seat left in the room as families and friends filled the space, but no one seemed to mind the lack of elbowroom especially the kids.

Sayid Talshkhan, a young Hyattsville resident, said he didn’t mind it being crowded at all because everyone was excited for Christmas. “We just wanted to make ornaments for our Christmas tree even though it isn’t up yet,” said Talshkhan.

The Brentwood Arts Exchange will be offering a variety of events throughout the holiday season. Visit their website for more details: