By Katie V. Jones

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and if you’re planning to gift roses, now’s the time to place your order. Vicki Fritzke, who’s with Main Street’s Rainbow Florist and Delectables,  said it’s better to order sooner than not.

“Red roses are the first thing to go,” she said. “We get thousands of roses in, and you never know how busy it will be before we sell out. We recommend people buy early.”

The florist also offers a variety of Valentine’s Day arrangements as well as arrangements for fathers to give to their children that include candy or a teddy bear, Fritzke said.

“They are inexpensive, and there is not a lot of chocolate,” Fritzke said, of the small arrangements.The shop also carries helium balloons and truffles.

Roses are the store’s biggest seller on Valentine’s Day, and an arrangement of a dozen standard red roses in a vase will cost about $100 , she said.

“One year, I had to tell a guy we were sold out, and I thought he was going to lose it right there on the spot,” Fritzke said. “Order early.”