BY KRISSI HUMBARD — A group of Northwestern High School students stood on the side of Adelphi Road, chanting “our Future, our concern!” and “not my president!” while holding protest signs Friday afternoon. Many passersby honked, cheering the group on.

About 200 students walked out of school Friday afternoon to protest president-elect Donald Trump. They were part of a county-wide walkout. The walkout was not organized by Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS).

PGCPS Chief Executive Officer Keith Maxwell released this statement about the walkout: All students enjoy meaningful freedom of speech, press, assembly and religion, as stated in our Students Rights & Responsibilities Handbook. Many students have expressed strong feelings on both sides of the political spectrum over the recent presidential election. We have encouraged faculty and staff to guide students towards safe outlets of expression that do not disrupt the school day. PGCPS officials have been in contact with several local organizations about facilitating a youth-led conversation in the coming weeks for the broader community. We take no position on the spirit or intent of the walkout; however, the event does raise serious student safety concerns. Leaving school grounds unaccompanied may cause harm to students’ personal well-being. Please note that students who are absent from class due to the walkout will be marked unexcused.

The protest lasted about three hours before the students went back inside the school.