BY REBECCA BENNETT — The new Healthy Dental Care For Kids and Adults location, founded by Dr. Madhu Nadimpalli and and Dr.Sapna Nandyala at 3114 Queens Chapel Road in Chillum, has been a noticeable addition to the local community.  The grand opening celebration on April 30 was attended by local and state officials, as well as supporters and residents.

Nadimpalli, a City of Hyattsville resident, said he opened a dental office in District Heights last year, because he could not find the right space in the Hyattsville area at the time. He said he wanted a space large enough that would give all patients the same quality of care.  Soon after opening shop, he found the right space in the Shops at Queens Chillum.  Nandyala, who works out of Healthy Dental’s District Heights office, will continue to see patients at that location.

With state-of-art equipment, Nadimpalli said the new Healthy Dental location has the space for up to eight private booths, of which five are up and running at the time of publication.  All x-rays and treatment can be done from the same chair, so patients will not be shuttled around the office for various services.  TV’s and music are available in each station, which can be changed to the patient’s preference.

The space is setup to make kids feel comfortable. It is hard to miss the large kids play area at the front of the space. Kids can also play Xbox or Touch2 Play (touch screen) video games while they wait.

The practice is not just geared towards kids, but to whole families, according to Nadimpalli.  He said that if an entire family wanted to come in for a visit at the same time, that his office could find a block off the necessary time for them to do it in one stop.

Nadimpalli said they accept a wide range of Maryland and Washington, DC Medicaid plans, as well as PPO’s.  “If you name any network, we are networked with many plans. We take any insurance,” he said.  According to the practice’s website, Healthy Dental currently offers emergency and regular exams for the uninsured ranging from $29.99 to $69.99, as well as 40 percent off on all procedures. Uninsured senior citizens receive a 50 percent discount on dental procedures.

Nadimpalli has also been a general dentist in the U.S. Army Reserves since 2013 and serves his country one weekend a month and two weeks per year.  “I feel like doing something for the country is a great honor,” he said.

Healthy Dental is located in the Shops at Queens Chillum at the intersection of Queens Chapel Road and Chillum Road. Patients will be entered in a drawing for prizes if they come in for an initial exam before May 31.

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