To leave the leaves or not to leave them?

That is Autumn’s question pending.

Kids in leaves
Photo credit: Kit Slack

Whether ‘tis smarter to rake and leaf blower, into composting piles,

Or let them lie upon the grass to die, to decay more slowly while

They feed the soil and seeds below

And shelter invertebrates and Ralph the turtle

This is our dilemma to hurdle.


The grass may die but return in spring,

Along with cocoons growing beautiful wings

Both buried beneath the oak leaf sea.


Winds this sea will scatter 

Producing more organic matter.


Is our compulsion to rake and blow

Social convention, or does it add safety? Do we know?


To slip upon the damp leaves, or worse, when they freeze;

Or let children plunge into the piles we leave?


Leaves in the woods do remain,

And neither trees nor people there complain.