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My Two Cents: Fly the state flag properly

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Posted on: July 15, 2018

By TAYLOR MYERS — We Marylanders are unusually proud of our state flag — and for good reason. Unquestionably unique and recognizable, the Maryland flag combines the coats of arms of the Calvert and Crossland families, highlighting our state’s history. In recent years, the red, white, black and gold have adorned socks and swimsuits, Boeings and beer koozies, football uniforms and even, sometimes, flagpoles. Around Hyattsville, we proudly fly the Maryland flag; however, we seem to have overlooked an important detail. Maryland law requires that if any ornament is affixed to the top of a flagstaff carrying the Maryland flag, the ornament must be a gold cross bottony (Code General Provisions Article, sec. 7-203). The cross bottony, echoing the shape found in the Crossland coat of arms, is a topper that is unique to the Maryland flag. Most of the flags I have seen around Hyattsville are topped, instead, with a gold ball. The gold ball is a traditional ornament for the American flag, whose flag code doesn’t specify what finial should be used, but it shouldn’t be used on top of a Maryland flag. Hyattsville is known for citizens who are passionate and proud, and who care for one another. It is cities like Hyattsville that make Maryland great. I would like to submit a humble request to the City of Hyattsville to show our pride by flying our state flag the right way, with the gold cross bottony on top.
Taylor Myers is a resident of Hyattsville.



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