BY REBECCA BENNETT — Metro is proposing several changes to bus routes that run through the City of Hyattsville, which includes the cancellation of a route the transit system said isn’t used very much. Click here to see a full list of proposed changes.

A hearing about the proposed changes is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 17 at 6 p.m. at the Metro Headquarters Building, 600 5th Street NW, Washington, D.C.  To register to speak at the meeting, email the speakers name to or call 202.962.2511. Metro said to submit only one speaker’s name per letter, and that a list of speakers names will not be accepted.

81 College Park Line

Proposed Change
• Route 81 runs on Sundays only. It is exactly like Route 83, but it
serves Greenbelt Station instead of College Park Station.
• This proposal would make Route 83 run on Sundays. The College
Park Line would no longer serve Greenbelt Station on Sundays.
• All service on the College Park Line would serve College Park Station
seven days a week.

Reason for the Change:
• These will the make the College Park Line easier to understand.
Service from Cherry Hill Campground will go to College Park Station
seven days a week.

Alternative Transportation Options:
• Route C2 serves Greenbelt Station. It currently runs Monday through
Saturday. We plan to add Sunday service to Route C2 to replace
Route 81 service at Greenbelt Station.

C2,C4 Greenbelt-Twinbrook

Proposed Change:
• Split C2 and C4 into two separate routes.
o Route C2 would operate between the Greenbelt Metrorail
station and the Takoma Langley Crossroads Transit Center
along the route it currently takes today. Under this plan,
Sunday service would be added.
o Route C4 would operate between Prince George’s Plaza
Metrorail station and Wheaton Metrorail station along the route
it currently takes today. Every other bus would go to Twinbrook
Metrorail station.

F4 New Carrollton-Silver Spring

Proposed Change:
• Update the Saturday schedule to allow enough time for the bus to
travel between Silver Spring Station and New Carrollton Station.
Reason for the Change:
• Buses run late on Saturdays.
Alternative Transportation Options:
• No alternative needed.

R3 Greenbelt-Prince George Plaza

Proposed Change:
• Eliminate Route R3.

Reasons for the Change:
• Few people ride Route R3.
• Alternates are available.

Alternative Transportation Options:
• To get to/from Archives II, take Route C8.
• To get to/from Metzerott Road, use Shuttle-UM or walk to Adelphi
Road to catch a C8 bus.