By Sophie Gorman Oriani


Prince George’s County Police say they are investigating a fatal motorcycle crash that occurred in College Park earlier this month on June 3.


According to the “PGPD News” blog, 19-year-old Fernando Gonzalez y Gonzales of Beltsville was traveling westbound on Cherry Hill Rd, near Park Drive, when a driver in a car made a U-turn into his path. Officers responded at about 8:45 pm. The car’s driver and passengers were not injured in the collision. They remained on the scene.


Gonzalez y Gonzales was taken to the hospital, where he died over a week later, on June 12. The site of the crash is decorated with flowers and handmade signs in Spanish, including Bible quotes and heartfelt messages.

Courtesy of Mary Cook

In Prince George’s County, the definition of a fatal accident includes crashes where a person involved dies from their injuries within 30 days. The Prince George’s County Police, or a local police department, investigate every fatal crash.