BY REBECCA BENNETT — A local mom is warning others to keep a look out for a man she says randomly hit her while she was walking with her infant in a stroller last week.  She said the assault took place on 45th Avenue near the Shoppes at Arts District between Longfellow and Kennedy Streets at approximately 4 p.m. on May 26.

“A man in a blue car (which seemed relatively old, bright blue, made noise as if it needed a muffler) yelled something to me. … I didn’t realize this, but he followed me … and parked his car on Kennedy Street,” the victim posted in the Arts District Facebook group.

“I saw him walking towards me and my back was to him.  Scared and nervous, I turned the stroller around to face him.  He passed by me one time and nothing happened,” she said.  “I kept him in the corner of my eye and within seconds he ran towards me as fast as he could and slapped me on my backside so hard that it left a mark.”

She said he fled in his vehicle, which she described as possibly a bright blue older sedan.  She described the man as very tall, African-American, very thing, wearing a neon shirt and sunglasses.

The Hyattsville City Police Department said it appears to be an isolated incident and they have no leads on the case as of yet.

Anyone with information should call police at 301.985.5060.