Since July 2022, The Laurel Independent has been delivered free of charge every month to residents and businesses within city limits. Volunteer writers from around the area have filled its pages with stories covering a variety of topics with the common theme of being relevant to Laurel.

The paper wouldn’t exist without the input and support from the community. Throughout this first year, I have received comments from readers. Some are positive and some are critical, and I appreciate all of them because it means people are reading the paper and that they care.

The Laurel Independent’s board members, volunteer writers and family members participated in the city’s Fourth of July activities on July 1.

It is important to keep those comments and ideas coming. Please let us know what you appreciate about the paper or what you believe needs improvement. You can also share story ideas or news about your neighborhood. No idea or thought will go unconsidered. Email me at

 If you are so inclined, volunteer to write something for the paper. Many voices and views make a better read. You don’t have to have experience. We’ll help you if you are interested and willing, as the paper is fortunate to have a dedicated staff of editors, designers and board members. 

Through the efforts of its staff and board members, the paper’s circulation is expanding as different organizations, including Patuxent Wildlife Visitors Center, have called requesting copies to offer. There are also plans to expand circulation to all Laurel households and businesses outside of city limits but still within the county through a proposed Prince George’s County Council grant. Stay tuned.

Advertising in The Laurel Independent promotes your business throughout the city and provides us with much-needed funding to keep printing. Donations can also be made to our nonprofit parent company, Streetcar Suburbs Publishing, at  We are thankful for all the support we received during a NewsMatch fundraising event last November and December.

We are excited to continue providing the city of Laurel with a monthly newspaper. We hope you continue to look to us for news and all things Laurel-related.

  • Katie V. Jones, managing editor