I was interested in the piece “Residents complain of spotty mail delivery” (March 2016). Where I live, we’ve been lucky to have terrific mail service for the last several months. (We’ve given [our mail carrier] at least two thank-you Christmas cards.)

Keith Brown is a warm, friendly young man, who even has a greeting for the pets when he sees them. I feel super-lucky to have him because we know all too well — from the period between Tommy Clark’s retirement and Keith Brown’s arrival — about spotty mail delivery, and how frustrating it is trying to reach, and get a response from postal supervisors when there is a problem.

I’m motivated to write to HL&T because now that we’ve got a good, reliable, and pleasant carrier, I hope the wider community will help ensure that the good carriers know they are appreciated and valued. From post-retirement chats with Tommy, we know carriers are overburdened and underpaid.

As far as I know, there is no Mail Carrier Appreciation Day. So we might as well let the good ones know how much they’re appreciated every chance we get!


Robert Riddle
Madison Street
Hyattsville, Md.