Dear Editor,

I want to spread the word about a wonderful and affordable preschool option for College Park families, just down the road in Greenbelt. Greenbelt Nursery School, at the Greenbelt Community Center, is a parent cooperative – an organization in which members pool their resources for mutual benefit. Parents participate in all aspects of the school’s operation, from governance, financial management and administration, to fundraising, housekeeping and assisting in the classrooms.

Families pay less tuition than for a typical preschool and make up the rest through their involvement. A key component of a parent’s involvement in the school includes assisting in their child’s classroom.. Full co-op families, those who volunteer in the classroom two to three mornings per month, pay the lowest tuition. Limited co-op families volunteer in the classroom one morning per month and pay a higher tuition. Families who don’t volunteer in the classroom and pay the highest tuition.

My wife and I enrolled our oldest child at Greenbelt Nursery School in 2018, when we were looking for a preschool close by with a good reputation, and where we didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for quality and peace of mind. The first time we visited the school, we just got a good feeling about it and thankfully trusted our instincts. We quickly grew to cherish Greenbelt Nursery School and are thankful for what it has provided for our two kids — a great start to their educational journeys in which we got to participate. We really got to know their teachers and staff, and classmates and their families — a true sense of community. With our youngest child finishing his last year at the school now, I feel compelled to spread the word about this wonderful place!   


Mike Loveless

College Park Woods