At times like now, I’m perplexed over the priorities of government officials, from the federal government right down to the municipal level.
Of all the issues our city government should be involved in, the Human Rights Act shows the level of concern our fine city officials have for the masses. Now, never mind other important issues our city should address — you know, small stuff like crime, police protection, traffic, parking enforcement, public works, and even very simple stuff like the Mayor and Council making sure the city staff do their jobs. Like the completion of a state-required audit, which Hyattsville is three years delayed in filing. (It’s the only city in Maryland that has failed to do [this]. Great oversight, Mr. Mayor!)
But we can all rest easy now because Hyattsville is now the fifth Maryland municipality to pass a Human Rights Act. Ta-da! Problems solved.
Our City officials should be concerned with real, everyday issues that affect the proper administration and oversight of the City.
David Thomas