I recently received a copy of an article you printed last year about Lawson’s pharmacy in Hyattsville. I really enjoyed reading the article about Mr. Sabatelli and the brief history of the store because it was I that opened that drugstore back in 1948. I operated it successfully for almost 40 years before I retired and sold the business to Mr. Sabatelli.

Lawsons sign scaled 2
Lawsons Pharmacy is one of the last independent pharmacies in the DC metro area. Photo courtesy Susie Currie

Even though I am now 90 years old, I still work as a staff pharmacist in Fredericksburg, Va. I’m sure that there are folks there in Hyattsville that not only remember me, but remember my father, Dr.  Lawson, who operated Cottage City pharmacy that opened for business in 1926 and continued until he sold it and came to work for me in my Hyattsville store.
Because I spent so many years in Hyattsville, I feel close the town and would like to receive a copy of your monthly publication. It is interesting to me to read about all the changes in the town that occur over the years. I can remember when Route 1 was still a two-lane dirt road and there was not a bridge over the railroad tracks at Rhode Island Ave.
Yours truly,
Alfred Lawson
Ed. Note: We are happy to add Mr. Lawson and other former residents of Hyattsville to our mailing list. Please send requests to Subscriptions, P.O. Box 132, Hyattsville, MD 20871.