BY REBECCA BENNETT — Two people have been charged after drugs and paraphernalia were found and investigators have been looking into whether the suspects were connected to multiple local robberies.

At approximately 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29, several Hyattsville City Police (HCPD) police cars descended on 40th Avenue at Nicholson Street.  Three people could be seen sitting on the sidewalk and Hyattsville Life & Times reporter Andrew Marder reported seeing drug paraphernalia on the hood of a police car.  According to HCPD, officers found a small amount of drugs and some paraphernalia, which led to charges for two people.

According to Hyattsville City Police Spokesperson Lt. Chris Purvis, investigators are looking into whether or not those suspects are connected with a theft at CVS and a shed.  The investigation is ongoing, according to HCPD.