CAROLINE SELLE — Authorities have released a new request for information regarding the 1975 disappearance of Sheila and Katherine Lyon.

From the Washington Post:

Authorities investigating the disappearance of two young girls from a Wheaton shopping center nearly 40 years ago appealed to the public Thursday afternoon for information about a station wagon that might have been used in the abduction of the sisters.

Investigators specifically want to speak with anyone who knows about a station wagon, built in the late 1960s or early 1970s. The car might have been driven to Bedford County, Va., in 1975, and once it arrived, someone might have tried to hide it, perhaps in a barn or shed.

Bedford officials ask that anyone with information call 540-586-7827.

In October, police in Montgomery County, Md. and Bedford County, Va. named Hyattsville resident Richard Allen Welch Sr. a “person of interest” in the case. A grand jury convened in Bedford on October 3, and according to local news station WSET, it is expected to continue its work through at least the end of this year.