BY REBECCA BENNETT — Hyattsville resident Gillian Lichota said she envisioned the possibility of a child being hit trying to cross Hamilton Street in front of the splash park when she wrote an email to Hyattsville City Councilmember Shani Warner (Ward 2).  At the beginning of June, Lichota requested a sign be added to the existing crosswalk.

According to Lichota, the City of Hyattsville made improvements to the crosswalk by the next day.  “There were newly installed pedestrian crosswalk signs (not one but TWO) and drivers actually stopped for us! That’s progress!”  Lichota said on Facebook.

“Crosswalk lines already existed there,”  Department of Public Works Director Lesley Riddle said.  “However, to make them more visible and encourage drivers to slow down, the city repainted the lines, installed a center pedestrian stop sign and two pedestrian signs on the side of the road.”