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Hyattsville police use Humvee to assist fire department during historic blizzard

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Posted on: January 28, 2016

BY REBECCA BENNETT — According to the Hyattsville City Police Department (HCPD), city police worked with the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department during last week’s blizzard by stationing the City of Hyattsville’s Humvee at the fire station.  Police said the Humvee assisted officers and firefighters in getting to location otherwise not accessible.

Photo courtesy the Hyattsville City Police Department.
Photo courtesy the Hyattsville City Police Department.

Staffed with police and EMS personnel, it responded to EMS calls, including two cardiac calls.  The Humvee was used to transfer a woman in labor from an unplowed apartment complex to a waiting ambulance, police said, which then became stuck, so the Humvee towed the ambulance out.  The vehicle was also used to pull ambulances, fire engines, 4-wheel drive police vehicles, and a Hyattsville Department of Public Works snowplow out of the snow.  Police said they also used the Humvee to transport officers to and from work, as well as nurses and doctors to Prince George’s Hospital.

The Humvee was obtained by the city in 2014 as a part of the military surplus program.



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