The Hyattsville Life & Times has started a new series called Humans of Hyattsville to help the people of Hyattsville get to know their neighbors.

In our second installment of the series, we interviewed Shercrisha “Cree” Finley, an almost 43-year-old  Adult Education Instructor who lives near the dry cleaner on 40th Ave.

Learn a little bit more about Cree below, and then email Lindsay Myers, our Web Master, at to submit a name for the next Humans of Hyattsville profile. 

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Shercrisha “Cree” Finley of Hyattsville.
Shercrisha “Cree” Finley, 42.
What is your occupation?
Adult Education Instructor. I teach adults basic computer skills (Introduction to Computers, Mircosoft Word and Excel) supporting growth in their careers and education.
What does your family structure look like?
[I have been married] for 10 years to my spouse and we have one son who is 6 years old (we share a birthday). Because I am a Washingtonian and my husband is from Reston, VA., we are very lucky that we live close to our families.
How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as a fun-loving, creative, loyal and a bit introverted.
What causes, whether local or beyond, are you passionate about? What topic really gets you talking at a party?
The human experience, thrifting, crafting, humor, design.
Why did you decide to settle in Hyattsville? 
The convenience of the neighborhood’s location and overall walkability convinced me. Also, this neighborhood is nostalgic for my husband because he’s a UMD Alumni.
What are some of your favorite aspects of life in Hyattsville? 
Everything I need is within close proximity. Community engagement events and volunteer opportunities like the Hy-Swap, Zombie Run, Hyattsville Aging in Place, Hops Hop, Vine Crawl … I could go on and on.
What do you wish Hyattsville did differently? How can it be improved? 
I would like to see even more diversity and unique small businesses around town — not the same old cookie-cutter franchises that seem to pop-up in gentrified cities.
How do you like to relax, both digitally and in real life? 
I love to thrift, dance, make stuff, fix stuff, borrow far too many books from the Hyattsville Library, spend time with family, Facetime with best friends that live far and hang with the ones that are near, try to keep my house plants alive, and come up with jingles for mundane tasks.