BY MARK GOODSON — It’s official. Franklins Restaurant, Brewery, and General Store brews Maryland’s best beer, restaurant owner Mike Franklin said. The Brewer’s Association of Maryland (BAM) awarded more medals to Franklin’s than any other of the 26 participating breweries in its 10th Annual Maryland Craft Beers Competition.

Franklin’s received eight medals; chain brewery Gordon Biersch placed second in total medals awarded. “Add another bragging rights item for Prince George’s County and Hyattsville,” wrote Franklin in an email.

BAM beer specialists tasted for fourteen medal categories. Franklins medalled in four of those categories and was honorably mentioned in another. Most notable was Franklin’s sweep of the “Sours and American Wilds” category. Franklins More Bounce to the Ounce, Slippin’ into Darkness, and Outaspace won Gold, Silver, and Bronze respectively.

The date and location of the official awards ceremony has yet to be announced, but you need not wait to frequent Hyattsville’s brewhouse for the state’s best local beer.