Here in Hyattsville, some voters are having four chances, in a span of five months, to head to the polls. 

On the heels of our June 7 special mayoral election, which then-interim Mayor Robert Croslin won with 1,329 votes, came a July 19 primary election in which we chose county councilmembers, a state senator and state delegates, all of whom will run unopposed in the general election. 

See our website, StreetcarSuburbs.News, for July primary results, as well as coverage of some local problems at the polls: Several Hyattsville voters said that some machines offered a choice of Democratic or Republican ballots, despite Maryland’s closed primaries. And in College Park, a staffing issue led to a polling place opening an hour and a half late.

Coming up next for Hyattsville Ward 2 residents, on Oct. 5, is a special election for the open Ward 2 city council seat vacated by Croslin. Candidates Kelly Burrello, Lisbeth M. Melendez Rivera and Emily Strab filed for the open seat by the Aug. 5 deadline. 

Last but not least, early voting for the Nov. 8 general election will begin on Oct. 27 and end Nov. 3. In the general election, Hyattsville residents will cast votes for statewide candidates, elect a school board representative, and vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana, among other ballot measures. 

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