BY REBECCA BENNETT – The City of Hyattsville Board of Election Supervisors counted absentee and provisional ballots from the Ward 5 Special Election on Monday, Sept 14, confirming that Ruth Ann Frazier won the council seat recently vacated by Clay Williams.  She joins Councilmember Joseph Solomon representing Ward 5.

Official election results:

Ruth Ann Frazier – 71
Rommel Sandino – 51
Fred Rogers – 27
Roman A. Santillan – 5
Eric Roger Tagne – 4
Patricia Anduha Stamper – 3
Antoinette C. Grace Mbarga – 1

Click here to read more about the Sept. 12 vote count.

The total number of people who voted in this election was 162, according to the board.  Of the 14 absentee ballots, only one was rejected.  Of the 3 provisional ballots, only one was deemed invalid.  A provisional ballot is given when there is a question as to a voter’s eligibility to vote in the current election.

Frazier will be sworn in at the Sept. 12 Hyattsville City Council meeting.