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Posted on: July 12, 2017

BY EMILY STRAB — Have you ever felt out of the loop when it comes to things happening in the city? The Hyattsville Life & Times is dedicated to getting you timely reports of events in and around Hyattsville, especially in the Hyattsville Happenings Guide for the weekend. Even if you like or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you may be missing out on news unless you’ve tweaked your settings. Below is a settings guide for each app to ensure you always get news in your feed:


You’ve already liked the Hyattsville Life & Times page on Facebook, so you probably think your work is done. Not so fast! Because of Facebook’s algorithms, you may not be seeing all of the posts from HL&T, especially if you do not often interact with posts; clicking on the link, liking, sharing, or commenting. Eventually, Facebook will show you fewer and fewer posts in favor of posts that may seem more interesting to you (pages you interact with) or in favor of sponsored posts or ads. Follow these steps to be sure you are always seeing our posts:

  1. Go to the Hyattsville Life & Times page,
  2. Make sure you’ve clicked “Like,” but also make sure you’ve clicked the “Follow” button next to it. When you hover over the button on a PC or tap it on a phone you’ll get options for your feed and notifications.
  3. Select “See First” in the “Feed” category and new stories will come to the top of your feed when they are published.
  4. Under “Notifications,” select which kinds of posts will be pushed to your phone or in the notification section (globe icon) on PC (posts, events, live videos).
  5. Congratulations! Now you should be getting the latest local news!


Lots of people get their news via Twitter. Sometimes the problem with Twitter is that there is no filter. You have so many tweets in your timeline! There are two things you can do to make sure that you see the tweets you want or need to see:

1. Hover over or tap on the dots to the right of the button that says “Following.”
2. Choose “Turn on mobile notifications” if you want notifications pushed to your phone.
3. Or you can add Hyattsville Life & Times to a list of your favorite news sources so that you can check that list of just the tweets you want to see by selecting “Add or remove from lists” and adding to an existing list or creating a new one.


If you are not already following Hyattsville Life & Times on Instagram, search for “hvillelife.” Follow us, then tap on the three dots in the upper right. At the bottom, select “Turn On Post Notifications” and you won’t miss a single “city scene!”



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