By KRISSI HUMBARD — Councilmember Paula Perry (Ward 4) shared some big news at the council meeting Nov. 5.

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Paula Perry

Perry announced that she is retiring from the city council after 20 years, effective Dec. 8. During public comment, she thanked residents and staff for supporting her throughout the years.
“To the residents, I want to thank you all for the faith and trust and support you have given me over the past 20 years. To staff, I’d like to thank you for helping me and guiding me through everything for the last 20 years,” Perry said.
Perry had planned to retire when her term was up in May, to move to be closer to family. But, she says she found a house she really loved and couldn’t pass up putting in an offer.
“It’s bittersweet,” Perry said. “The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about council is the residents. Being able to help residents has given me a lot.”
Perry was first elected to the council in 1999. And, she says, she didn’t originally plan to be a councilmember for so long.
“I was only going to serve one term. I was really serious about only going to do one term,” Perry laughed. “But the residents kept talking me into running. And that’s why I kept doing it, because they wanted me to stay.”
Perry says she hopes the city will continue to prosper, and is willing to remain a resource for city staff.
“I still care about this city; I was born and raised in this area,” Perry said. “I do care about the neighborhood and the people who are left.”
Perry is vacating her seat before her term is up, but the city will not have to hold a special election, per the city’s charter. Perry’s resignation date falls within 150 days of a regularly scheduled election, and as stated in Article II, C 2-3 of the city charter, the position will remain vacant.