BY REBECCA BENNETT — On October 6, the Hyattsville City council voted to approve changes to a commercial vehicle ordinance after discussing the matter on July 21 and August 6, and a first reading on September 15.

The amended ordinance:

  • Reinforces the maximum weight as 10,000 pounds for vehicles that do not have any business on a particular street;
  • Defines vehicles prohibited from parking on City residential streets as larger than 80 inches wide, 240 inches long or 90 inches high;
  • Changes automatic towing and impounding of a vehicle in violation of the ordinance to a written warning with 24 hours notice before removal;
  • Stipulates one non-tow truck commercial vehicle can park in a fully-enclosed garage, rear or side yard;
  • Limits front yard parking to vehicles with lettering less than four inches in height, less than 300 cubic feet of load,  excluding tow trucks, dump trucks, stake platform trucks and vehicles with dual rear wheels;
  • Redefines the process for contesting and permitting commercial vehicles cited in violation of the ordinance;
  • And, excludes vehicles in the process of making deliveries, providing service or attending to maintenance calls.

Additionally, City Attorney Richard Colaresi advised the Council to develop an administrative protocol for enforcing this ordinance.  Discussion at the July 21 Council meeting indicated the City may develop an internal process by which it decides when it will and will not enforce stricter stipulations in the Prince George’s County Code.

The ordinance is set to take effect 60 days after after approval from the Prince George’s County Council, but the City Council does not plan to enforce the amended ordinance until six months after approval.