In last month’s cover article entitled “City approves over $23 million for new police facility,” we mistakenly stated that Whiting-Turner built the Alexandria police station for $5.1 million in 2011.

Whiting-Turner built the Alexandria, Va., police station for $81 million, according to The Washington Post, completing the project in 2011. It was the Alexandria, Minn., police station that was completed in 2011 for $5.1 million.

And about that $23 million: After the publication of the article, staff from the City of Hyattsville reached out to clarify that the amount allocated to the new police station on April 18 was $18.7 million for the construction contract, plus $1.2 million for construction management, for a total of $19.9 million newly allocated to the project that evening. 

The total money approved for the project, from the building’s purchase up through today, is just under $23 million, according to our analysis of current city estimates. 

The city bought the building in 2010 for $940,000, and replaced the windows in 2011 using about $140,000 in grant money. Under a contract the city first entered into in 2016, Johnson Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT) did about $2 million of approved work for the city on the project prior to April 18. That work included architecture and engineering design, environmental remediation, inspection and permitting, and construction bid preparation. 

The cap on the city’s original, competitively bid 2016 contract with JMT was $500,000. The council has approved several increases to that cap, most recently on April 18 from $3.5 to $4.75 million, to allow JMT to take on the $1.2 million in new construction management services. 

The council has also approved JMT’s work on a number of other planning projects under the same 2016 contract, including work for the new Department of Public Works facility, the Hyattsville Municipal Building, and city roads and parks.