24 Sep 2022


The City of College Park Charter requires that the Council review district boundaries every ten years,  after the decennial census is made available. This process ensures that each district’s population is substantially equal to the other districts.  

The City Council established a  Redistricting Commission to review the population and voter data in the City to determine if redistricting is necessary. Population data from multiple sources was analyzed including: the 2020 census, University of  Maryland’s residential population,  and projections for the residential projects under construction.  

This analysis confirmed that the City must adjust the current boundaries in order to have equal districts. The City Charter states that the sum of the population and “actual voters” shall be substantially equal in each district. The population is defined as residents who were counted in the federal census or erroneously omitted from the census; residents of structures built since the census;  or residents of property annexed into the City after the census. “Actual voters” are residents who  voted in the preceding statewide  election or the preceding city  election.  

The Redistricting Commission was tasked with drafting new district maps for the Council to consider. The Commission created five maps with slightly different boundaries that equalize the current or future populations in each district.  

Proposal #1 uses the City population as of spring 2020, with adjustments to the Census to accurately account for residents in the University of  Maryland resident halls and in private student housing. It does not include residents of buildings that were not completed and occupied by the spring of 2020. 

Proposal #2 uses the adjusted spring 2020 population described in Map 1 and includes the estimated population of housing developments that are under construction and will be occupied  by the end of 2022. 

Proposals #3A, 3B, and 3C use the adjusted spring 2020 population described in Map 1 and includes the estimated population of housing developments that are under construction and will be occupied by the end of 2023. The estimated population of all housing projects currently under active construction are included in the population count, except for the residential project at the College  Park Metro Station (Th e Atworth)  and the residential project at 4350  Knox Road. These two projects  are not expected to be completed until 2024. The future population in residential projects that have  been approved but are not under construction are not included in any of the maps. 

The Redistricting Commission will deliver its report to the Mayor and City Council on Tuesday,  September 27th. The Council will review the maps and invite additional public comment on a specific proposed redistricting plan prior to approving new district boundaries.  

Since Council districts are established in Article II of the  City Charter, redistricting must be done by Charter amendment which requires a public hearing prior to adoption. The new district  boundaries will be used for municipal elections in 2023.  

The Commission is interested in community feedback on the preliminary maps. Residents can review all five maps and provide comments by visiting www.collegeparkmdredistricting2022. Maps at www.collegeparkmdredistricting2022.org

Upcoming City Events Details & Calendar at www.collegeparkmd.gov 


Every 2nd Monday of the Month 7:30 p.m., zoom.us/j/96168994626 

Our monthly public safety meetings are back from summer hiatus! Please join City Elected Officials,  Police, the Department of Public  Services, and neighbors from all around the City, for an informative monthly reoccurring meeting starting Monday, September 12th  at 7:30pm.  

This community meeting will discuss City-wide crime statistics,  recent incidents of public interest, neighborhood watch tips, and special public safety related topics. To facilitate City wide participation, these will be recorded virtual meetings that you may join in from your home. Please invite your neighbors so that this  useful information may be shared throughout the City. 


Saturday, October 15, 12pm – 6pm College Park Aviation Museum www.collegeparkday.org 

PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST Let’s give College Park PUMPKIN  to talk about with a Pumpkin  Carving Challenge! Residents have from Oct.1 through Oct. 28th to carve their best Jack-O-Lanterns and submit their entries online. To make a submission, take two photos of your work, one while it’s  being carved with all your helpers in the photos and the other when your creation is finished and email to events@collegeparkmd.gov. Please include your name, address,  who helped carve your jack-o lantern and the name of your creation. We will post our favorites on the City’s Facebook account and our website and will be awarding  1st place prizes on Oct. 31st.  

VETERANS DAY OBSERVANCE  The City of College Park will celebrate Veterans Day to honor all veterans who have served in the  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines,  and Coast Guard, both in times of war and peace. Join us at the  Veterans Memorial in College Park on November 11 to celebrate the men and women who dedicated themselves to serving our country.  

Curbside Food Scrap Collection Divert waste from the landfill by composting 

Save the date for College Park Day on Saturday, October 15, 2022, from  12:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the College  Park Aviation Museum and Airport  (1985 Corporal Frank Scott Drive)! The event is open to the public and free to attend.  

Get ready for College Park’s  signature event! This fun-filled  day includes unique activities,  exhibitors, vendors, food,  drinks and sweets. There will be entertainment available for all ages. To check out featured preformers and activities, visit  www.collegeparkday.org. 


Good Neighbor Day is a  collaborative partnership between the University of Maryland, the City of College Park, and the Maryland  National Capital Park and Planning  Commission (M-NCPPC).  

This annual event brings residents of College Park and surrounding communities together with  University of Maryland students,  staff and faculty, and alumni for a  day of service.  

Save the date- Good Neighbor Day is on November 12 from 8:30am to  12:00pm! 

The City of College Park is rolling out a new curbside food scrap collection program this fall! 

According to the EPA, nearly  24% of trash that is collected contains food scraps that can be composted. Diverting food scraps from the trash will reduce harmful greenhouse gases emitted from organic decomposition in landfills,  which contributes to climate change.  


If your household currently receives curbside trash and recycling collection with the City of College Park, then you are eligible to participate. There is no fee for collection, but residents  must contribute 50% of cost for collection container and all material must be placed in a cost 

share container. Food scraps must  be put in compostable bags, before  placing in collection container – no  plastic bags allowed 

How Do I Sign Up? 

Residents can sign up online and choose container(s) (resident contributes 50% of container cost). Participants are required to select either a 12-gallon wheeled cart,  or a 5-gallon bucket. You can also choose to purchase a small kitchen pail to store food scraps inside your home. Must use only compostable bags, and place only accepted items in the container. Households can register by filling out the online form at collegeparkmd.gov/ CurbsideCollectionApp.  

For more information, call 240- 487-3590.  


City Announcements More information: www.collegeparkmd.gov 

COMMUNITY SURVEY  The City has is partnering with  ETC Institute to conduct a  comprehensive community survey. This upcoming City  of College Park Community  Survey will measure residents’ attitudes and opinions on City services like refuse and recycling collection, City facilities and parks, City events, and economic development. This will be the third scientifically representative  survey conducted in the City of  College Park. 

A randomly selected sample of  College Park residents will receive postcards from the City notifying them of their selection in the survey process. Mailed paper surveys will arrive later in the month, with a City cover letter and instructions to complete and return the survey. Responses are anonymous. The mailed paper survey will be in English, but a  Spanish version of the survey will be available online for the selected respondents. 

Participation in the survey is very important. The results will  help City officials better serve the College Park community, so please complete the survey if your household is selected. Help us shape the future of College Park! 

For any questions about the 2022  City of College Park Community  Survey, please call 240-4873501  or email cpcommunications@collegeparkmd.gov. Stay tuned to the City’s website, facebook and twitter pages for up-to-date news and information. 

THE CITY IS HIRING! The City is Hiring! The City has several jobs available. Apply here:  collegeparkmd.applicantpool. com/jobs


City residents can bring electronics for recycling to the drop off box near the entrance of the front doors to Davis Hall. No more than 3 items can be disposed of at no cost. 

  • Accepted: TVs, monitors,  mouse pointers, keyboards,  microwaves, gaming systems,  computers, hard drives, cell phones, printers, laptops,  surge protectors, copiers, fax  machines, telephone systems,  cable, circuit boards, and toner cartridges.  
  • Not Accepted: Light bulbs  (CFL or Tubes) or batteries of any kind. 


if you have room in your heart and home for a neglected animal,  become a foster for the City! For foster requirements and to apply,  visit www.collegeparkmd.gov/ FosterApp. 


Suicide is a significant public health issue, and September is dedicated to Suicide Prevention. The City of College Park joins the call to promote awareness and resources around the issue of suicide prevention to eliminate feelings of shame that can prevent individuals from seeking help. We can fight the stigma around mental health issues by providing support to those with mental illness.  

The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline has resources to help diminish suicidal thoughts or support those who are suicidal on their website at https://www.988lifeline.org.  

Recently, the National Suicide  Prevention Lifeline was designated a new three-digit dialing code! Simply call or text 988 to connect to free and confidential emotional support for those in a suicidal crisis or other emotional distress. The lifeline is open 24 hours a day all 7  days of the week.  

Protecting Our Tree Canopy Ordinance 21-O-09 

Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem. Ordinance 21-O-09  requires an application to be  submitted for approval to obtain a permit to remove or prune a  tree on residential land. The City  has already begun working with developers and organizations to  stem the loss from construction or projects through replacement trees and other methods.  

If a property owner wants to remove or prune more than 20%  of live branches or wood from a  tree that is greater than 36 inches in circumference (measured at 4.5  feet above ground level), they will need to submit a Tree Removal and  Pruning Permit application to the  Department of Public Works prior to beginning planned tree work.  

A requirement of the tree removal/ pruning permit is that urban tree(s)  approved for removal are replaced. 

The ordinance was enacted to limit the removal of healthy, mature trees as a measure to maintain the  City’s tree canopy. The Tree and  Landscape Board and City Council held numerous public meetings and incorporated changes to address many concerns and suggestions from residents. 

Residents, property owners, and tree and landscape companies may have many questions about this new permitting process.  

For details, FAQs, and application,  visit www.collegeparkmd.gov/315/ Trees. 


Effective July 1st, the City will begin use of a new reporting system for general concerns and/or complaints. Links to and  registrations for reporting through  Comcate will be deactivated. Please share your concerns about a property in the City, such as tall grass or other issues, at www. collegeparkmd.gov/tellus. 

Effective July 1st, the City will begin use of a new product that will allow our property owners, business owners, and contractors to initiate the City’s required occupancy permit and building permit proces online. Users can search available  permit applications, and apply for new permits as needed. To create a  new application, you must register for an account. Find details at www. collegeparkmd.gov/permitapps.  

Fall Clean Up Saturdays Drop off bulky trash at DPW 

The City of College Park Public  Works facility will be open for City residents to drop off bulky trash,  white goods, electronics recycling,  brush, and yard trim. You must be a resident of the City of College  Park and bring proof of residency to participate.  

Bulk trash ought to DPW on cleanup days does not count toward bulk trash limits, nor are any fees applied for appliances,  televisions, or monitors. There is a  $4 fee for all tires. 

Public Works does not accept brick, concrete, rock, propane tanks, hazardous materials such as automotive batteries, ammunition,  automotive fluids/fuels, cleaning agents, cooking oil, mercury,  insecticide/herbicide, fertilizer,  oil-based paints, pool chemicals,  photographic chemicals, roof shingles, smoke detectors, solvents,  sealants, varnishes, and stains.  

Residents can get up to 5-cubic  yards of wood mulch per cleanup day for FREE! We can load open bed trucks or trailers, or you can dig your own smaller amount (bring a  shovel, containers, and wear sturdy footwear). Free wood mulch is only available during the two cleanup  Saturday events, and you must be a  resident of the City of College Park and bring proof of City residency to get the material for free. All visitors can buy compost or wood mulch during this event.  

During cleanup days, the following will be collected:  

  • Household batteries for recycling, including rechargeable batteries such as  Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Ni-Zn. Single-use alkaline batteries such as AA, AAA, 9V, C, D button cell, and lithium primary. 
  • Fluorescent light bulbs and tubes, including U-shaped or circular fluorescent lamps, HID  lamps, UV lamps, incandescent bulbs, halogen or CFL bulbs.  
  • Block styrofoam; no packing peanuts, cups, or plates.  

Onsite document shredding services will be available to residents on Saturday, October 8  from 8:00am – 12:00pm. Bring your old tax records, medical paperwork,  and any other confidential information to be shredded. All paper will be recycled. 

Holler Box