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College Park municipal election forum replay: question by question

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Posted on: April 17, 2023

On April 15, The College Park Here & Now hosted an election forum featuring candidates running in the May 2023 Mayoral Special Election. Maria James, former managing editor of our sister publication The Hyattsville Life & Times, posed a series of tough questions to the four candidates. The questions came from members of the community, including several asked live by members of the audience. Election day is May 6th.

Interested in learning more about your College Park candidates? Read our election guide here.

We’ve listed each question below, with a link, for each question, to the portion of the video in which each candidate has a chance to respond, unscripted, after hearing the question for the first time. 


Opening Statements

Each candidate had two minutes to introduce themself and explain why they were running.

Measurable Goals

What specific, measurable goals do you have for your term as mayor?


What will you do to make sure our tax dollars go to benefit citizen taxpayers, rather than large development companies or the university?


How can you address concerns about growing traffic problems on Route 1?

Relationship with UMD

How do you envision the relationship between the city and the university and what you do to strengthen that relationship?

Public Schools

What can the city and mayor do to encourage more effective public education in the city?

Direction of the City

Assessing the performance of the prior mayor, would you keep on the same direction or change course?

Affordable Housing

Considering the challenge around affordable housing for the city of College Park, how do you feel about the planned Marriott Renaissance Inn going on such valuable land? Does this really serve local residents?

Non-Citizen Voting Rights

A few years ago the city council voted to allow undocumented individuals to vote in city elections. How did you vote or stand on that issue then, and how do you stand on it now?

Plastic Bag Ban

What are your thoughts on a complete ban on plastic bags for College Park?

Restore Public Trust

How do you plan to rebuild trust in the office of the mayor?

Closing Statements

Each candidate had the opportunity for a two-minute closing statement.



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