by Jan Carlo Marin

In early February 2023, the City of College Park bought a small parcel of undeveloped land in the 5100 block of Roanoke Place, in the Berwyn neighborhood. The parcel was purchased through Program Open Space, a state-funded initiative that helps local governments preserve land for recreational use.

Community Development Planner Erik Valentine hopes to use the parcel as open space where people can gather. The city has similar plans under way for the Sentinel Swamp Sanctuary, in Old Town. Valentine said that by preserving the sanctuary, the city “hope[s] to incorporate educational elements because of the site’s unique natural habitat.”

The city is seeking community input about how to move forward with the Berwyn property, and Valentine indicated that the city council will consider plans for the parcel at upcoming meetings. Residents are invited to meet and discuss options with members of the Berwyn District Civic Association. For meeting location, dates and times, contact