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City of Hyattsville mayoral election

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Posted on: May 15, 2022

The Hyattsville Life & Times (HL&T) reached out to all candidates registered to run in the city’s 2022 mayoral election. You’ll find their statements in this section, listed alphabetically by last name.

Election day is June 7. City of Hyattsville residents age 16 and older are eligible to vote, regardless of immigration status. Residents can register in person on the day of the election at the Hyattsville’s Municipal Building, 4310 Gallatin Street. 

Registered voters who receive mail-in ballots may vote by mail or deliver their ballots to drop boxes at the Hyattsville Municipal Building, at Heurich Park (2800 Nicholson Street), or at the Hyattsville Branch Library (6530 Adelphi Road). The ballot box at the library is inside and accessible only during library hours.

Candidate Forums May 12 & 17

Join us May 12 at 7 p.m. as the Hyattsville Life &Times asks your questions to candidates for mayor. This virtual event will be moderated by Maria James and Rosanna Landis Weaver, former managing editors of the HL&T.  

You can access the livestream at Video of the answers to each question will be available at StreetcarSuburbs.News after the event.

In addition, the HL&T will host an in-person forum with Spanish translation on May 18 at 7 p.m. at St. Matthew’s Parish/Iglesia Episcopal San Mateo (5901 36th Avenue). Oliva Lopez, former candidate for city council, and Kit Slack, current HL&T managing editor, will moderate. 


Purvish Bhatt

Age: 34

Day Job: My day job is founder and CEO of brain2co, a small tienda that makes software for creative writing, organized data curation, and data sharing. Previously, I worked hands-on with technology systems, as computers were my favorite toys to take apart. Then I became a business analyst, as I could guide businesses after understanding that they were also “systems.” Until I decided to start my own. Now, leveraging my problem-solving skills with varieties of systems, I am running for mayor.

Community Involvement: In the evening, I serve our community and our neighboring communities as a life coach, or I can be found at a local cafe studying to improve (further) my own life.

Statement to Voters: Hyattsville is a great city, but we can improve it.

Our city has done a lot of reactive problem solving; however, I want to bring about proactive assistances. (1) I especially want to bring about sound mental health for all followed by excellent recreation. I want every Hyattsville resident to have great health. (2) Secondly, I want to double our support of our teens. They are our future, and our future deserves our dedication. I want them to at the least be happy future employers and employees of our prospering community. (3) Thirdly, I want to work very closely with the Maryland Department of Labor and other partners to make Hyattsville truly gainful. As of now, there is little direct support from Hyattsville governance to Hyattsville’s workforce, and that must change. (4) Lastly, I also want to strengthen our emergency preparedness and (5) optimize our city governance wherever possible. If I were to remove something, it would be the sharp focus on race, as I think it only makes mountains out of molehills. I think there is no more systematic racism, and we are all, together, working on minimizing systemic racism.

Please vote. Allow me to bring my systems expertise to Hyattsville’s governance. With your vote, we can take strides in a positive direction. Enjoy your summer.


Robert Croslin

Age: — 

Day Job: I am an artist with a master’s degree in landscape architecture. I previously worked for a landscape architectural and civil engineering firm in Baltimore, but I am also a trained goldsmith. I design and create fine jewelry in gold and silver using precious stones. 

Community Involvement: I founded the Bridging Cultural Gaps Book Club, which meets monthly to help bring about better cultural understanding and dismantle the artificial boundaries that divide people of different backgrounds. I am a co-founder of Hyattsville Aging in Place and the Community Artists’ Alliance.  

I volunteered at Driskell Park alongside other volunteers and city staff distributing food to families with food insecurity.   

I have served on the health fair committee at the First United Methodist Church of Hyattsville, and I am council liaison to the citizen-run Police and Public Safety Advisory Committee, where citizens review police procedures and make recommendations to the city council.  I am also liaison to the Race and Equity Committee, where citizens explore how to ensure fairness and equality in how the city deals with all segments of our community. 

Statement to Voters: The mayor’s job is part time on paper but requires a full-time commitment. I know Hyattsville; I have lived here for more than 30 years. Our children grew up here. After the tragic passing of Mayor Ward, I became the interim mayor. I’ve served on the council for eight years and participated on many boards and selection committees.  

I envision Hyattsville making strides to recover from the effects of COVID-19. As a community, we must make every effort to move toward a healthy and “new normal.” Residents have lost jobs, struggled to pay rent and childcare, and suffered from food insecurity and mental health challenges. Businesses, experiencing a reduction in customers, have been forced to lay off staff. I believe I can motivate council and city staff to investigate creative ways to address these problems. I will, as I always have, work collaboratively with members of the community, councilmembers and our expert city staff to make Hyattsville an even more inclusive, supportive, prosperous and family-oriented community. 


Danny Schaible

Age: 45 

Day Job: National Park Service, project manager of design and construction projects, Transportation Division. 

Community Involvement: My primary civic engagement is serving on the Hyattsville City Council, where I have represented Ward 2 since 2019. To help keep Hyattsville residents informed and engaged, I publish an email newsletter, The Schaible Scoop. I serve as a council liaison to the Hyattsville Police and Public Safety Citizen Advisory Committee and the Shade Tree Board. To promote street safety and walkability, I helped organize an informal group of area residents called the HVL Street Design Team that has been meeting monthly since September 2021. I am also a core team member of a Route 1 Corridor group called Pathways to Unity, where area residents and elected officials collaborate on addressing regional issues, taking on topics like affordable housing, police reform and mental health services. 

Statement to Voters: In Hyattsville, we have been fortunate to have had amazing leadership that has represented our city with compassion and principle, putting us at the forefront of leading issues of the day. Back in January, we lost one of those amazing leaders, our mayor Kevin Ward. While the city grieves this loss, we have no choice but to pick ourselves up and move forward.

Hyattsville has developed an identity as a regional leader on issues of democracy reform, civil rights protections, environmental sustainability and community engagement. On these big issues, Hyattsville is recognized as a small town that punches above its weight. While this work has not been easy, it would have been impossible without engaged residents and supportive city leaders. I need your help to keep Hyattsville moving in the right direction. If elected, I will fight for:

  • Affordable housing
  • Walkable neighborhoods
  • Police reform
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Affordable youth aftercare



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