The Hyattsville Life & Times (HL&T) reached out to all candidates registered to run in the city’s 2023 election. You’ll find their statements in this section. Wards are listed in numerical order; candidates are listed alphabetically by last name within each ward.

Election day is May 9. You don’t have to be a U.S. citizen to vote, only a City of Hyattsville resident age 16 and older. In-person voting and same-day voter registration will be available at the Hyattsville Municipal Building (4310 Gallatin Street).  

Registered voters who receive mail-in ballots may vote by mail or deliver their ballots to drop boxes at the Hyattsville Municipal Building, the Hyattsville Branch Library (6530 Adelphi Road) or Felegy Elementary School (6110 Editors Park Drive). The ballot box at the library is inside and accessible only during library hours. Ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on May 9; ballots arriving after May 9 can not be counted. 

Candidate Forum April 13

Join us April 13 at 6 p.m. as the Hyattsville Life & Times asks candidates your questions. Watch the livestream on This virtual event will be moderated by Maria James, former managing editor of the HL&T.  

You can access the videos of the forums, separated by question, right here on our website as well.



Robert Croslin

Age: I am comfortably over 21.

Day Job: Mayor, goldsmith/jewelry artist. I design and create all types of jewelry, some of which is on display at Fleisher’s jewelry store. I also specialize in wedding rings.  Website:

Community Involvement: I have served as mayor for more than a year and as Ward 2 councilmember for more than nine years.

Statement to Voters: During the last year, I have served as your mayor. It has been an honor and privilege — and with your help and support, I want to continue serving as your mayor for four more years. I respectfully ask for your vote.  

Working together we can move beyond some of the roughest and most trying times our city has endured recently, certainly in the 34 years I have lived here.

During this time, while continuing to provide the services we depend on, we have been able to:

  • Provide food for families in need.
  • Donate diapers to families with young children.
  • Offer free COVID-19 test kits and masks.
  • Make COVID-19 testing and vaccines available.
  • Make American rescue funds available to our businesses.
  • Use ARPA funds to help prevent families from losing their homes.




Age: 52

Day Job: Special assistant to the CFO, Federal Transit Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation

Community Involvement:

  • Councilmember, City of Hyattsville
  • Council liaison, Educational Facilities Task Force
  • Council liaison, Health, Wellness and Recreation Advisory Committee
  • HVL Street Design Team
  • Liaison, U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness
  • Member, Alumni Board, University of Michigan School of Social Work

Statement to Voters: I’m running for reelection because:

First, I find this role meaningful and rewarding. I enjoy serving as your representative and contributing to the community in this way. In the past year and a half, I’ve learned from the questions, frustrations, sorrows and joys you’ve shared with me, and want to further leverage the investments we’ve made together.  

Second, our city staff, council and committees form a high-performing and collaborative whole. I thrive as part of a leadership team that engages stakeholders, does its research, discusses meaningful issues, and works together to weigh tradeoffs and make the best possible decisions. I lift our voices to make Hyattsville an even better place to live, work and visit, and to ensure that benefits and opportunities are equitable and accessible to all.

Third, I want to keep working with you to strengthen Hyattsville’s sustainability, resiliency, engagement, transparency, health and safety.




Age: 46

Day Job: Landscape architect with the National Park Service. I work on Transportation Design and Construction Projects in the DMV. 

Community Involvement: 

I’ve served on the Hyattsville City Council since 2019. I’ve helped organize the HVL Street Design Team, a local group focused on street safety and walkability. I formerly served as the District 22 at-large member to the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee.   

Statement to Voters: 

I have represented Ward 2 on the Hyattsville City Council since 2019. Although I have a busy personal life, it’s always been easy to find time for city council business because I truly love it. In my four years on the council I’ve been a focused and tireless legislator, I’ve engaged with residents through frequent check-ins and by publishing my newsletter The Schaible Scoop, and I’ve provided excellent constituent services. 

Hyattsville is a regional leader on issues of democracy reform, civil rights protections, environmental sustainability, and community engagement. On these big issues, Hyattsville is known as a small town that punches above its weight. Let’s keep Hyattsville moving in the right direction! If reelected, I will fight for:

  • Affordable housing
  • Walkable neighborhoods
  • Smarter land use and zoning regulations
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Responsive and effective city government



Alexander Houch

Age: 34

Day Job: I am a deputy chief safety officer for the Maryland Transit Administration based in Baltimore.

Community Involvement: I have served as a Prince George’s County election judge, a public notary, foster through Knine Rescue, volunteer at Historic Congressional Cemetery, and am a member of the Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington, D.C.


Statement to Voters: If the citizens of Hyattsville and Ward 3 share the vision of a greener, cleaner, and safer Hyattsville, then I am the candidate to help us move the city in that direction. I have been a public servant since moving to Maryland, living in Hyattsville as both a renter and homeowner, and am familiar with the challenges unique to each. In a time of economic pressure that is squeezing the wallets of all Hyattsvillagers, I believe city council’s main duty is to plan an efficient budget that makes good decisions with our money. Ward 3 is home to the Mall, Metro, Northwestern High School, University Town Center, and some great parks that welcome a lot of

people from outside of our immediate community, and I want to ensure these areas are still inviting to those who make Hyattsville their home.


Age: 37

Kareem Redmond Headshot 1

Day Job: Manager, Leadership Development Programs–Association of American Medical Colleges

Community Involvement: 

  • Board member and president, One Independence Plaza Condo Association
  • Hyattsville Crossing Business Improvement District Formation Steering Committee member
  • Regular attendee of Hyattsville City Council meeting

Statement to Voters:

Since moving to Ward 3 in 2012, my love has grown for Hyattsville and the people that make our community unique. That uniqueness is not something we can take for granted. If elected, I will work to increase public safety, support creation of vibrant community spaces, and protect housing accessibility and affordability for all. For the last several years, I’ve served as the president of my condo association. In this role, I’ve implemented solutions to improve the well-being of several hundred residents while advocating for University Town Center’s revitalization. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in nonprofit management, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement. There is a consistent theme among all my experiences. It is my ability to build relationships and align individuals around shared goals to create a better future for those I serve. It would be my honor to represent Ward 3 on Hyattsville’s City Council. Learn more about my priorities and share your thoughts at or follow up on social media @KareemforWard3.



Michelle Lee Headshot

Age: 40

Day Job: Executive assistant 

Community Involvement: 

  • Jamestown Road Block Party committee member/volunteer (2019)
  • Driskell Park Food Drive volunteer (2020)
  • Organizer for Ward 4 meeting with interim mayor/candidate Robert Croslin (2022)
  • Attendee of different committee meetings and community events

Statement to Voters: Hi neighbors!

As a 10-year resident of Hyattsville and a born-and-raised Prince Georgian, this is a privilege to be a candidate for councilmember to represent Ward 4. I want to make a commitment to work on improving community engagement to keep Ward 4 moving forward to be a community for all. I will serve as a liaison and partner with residents to present all matters to the mayor and all the councilmembers to make sure that the residents’ voices are heard. I will listen to residents to learn what matters to them and address those concerns and take action to improve and fix those issues. 

I believe community is really what makes a place special to live, getting to know neighbors and looking out for one another. But as the saying goes, “It takes a village,” and I believe that it takes all of us working together to keep our city moving and thriving.  

Connect with me on Instagram @michelle4ward4hyattsville. 



IMG 8550 2

Age: 37

Community Involvement: Hyattsville City Council President (councilmember for 10 years)

Day Job: President/CEO of SI FEDERAL, a systems integration and technology consulting firm.  I specialize in the design, implementation, project management, and security of enterprise resource planning systems. I hold a B.S. in Computer Science from Morehouse College, and an M.S. in Computer Science from Rutgers University. I moved to the area when starting my career in consulting for Accenture Federal Services. After seven years, I established my own firm, contracting with the Office Personnel Management, Department of Agriculture, and Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Statement to Voters: To voters, constituents and friends in Ward 5, thank you for your confidence in my ability and willingness to serve our community over the past 10 years. I am extremely grateful and looking forward to continuing to support and develop our beloved community. With several new road projects, development initiatives, and a new West Hyattsville Sector Plan, I felt it important to continue in my role to ensure the successful implementation and completion of the myriad of projects in progress. Let’s continue to work together to build a greener, safer, walkable community for all.