By Katie V. Jones

February is Black History Month, and Laurel will celebrate with a program about the accomplishments of African American women. Organized by City Councilmember Keith Sydnor (Ward 2), the free event, which will be held on Feb. 12, will be both educational and entertaining.

Presenters will hold a game of Who Am I? and have two minutes to read about or act out a short skit about their person. Sydnor said, The audience will then have a chance to guess.

“People know Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman,” Sydnor said. “Other people you may never have heard of.”

Malcom X Drummers and Dancers, a group based in the District, will perform, and the program will include a guest speaker.

“I know it is Super Bowl Sunday, but it’s going to be early, so come on out,” Syndor said.

City-run Laurel TV is also celebrating Black history with special programing covering a variety of topics including music, apartheid and sports as well as programming about Barack and Michelle Obamaand the life of Nelson Mandela, There will also be a live broadcast of the city’s Feb 12 Black History Month program, which will take place at the municipal center at 3 p.m.. For a full schedule of programming go to